Getting to Know Butterfly Direct

Butterfly Direct Marketing & Communication Services is a printing and direct marketing company that produces items to generate a specific response which can be measured and tracked. Direct Marketing can use any or a variety of mediums that may include mail, email, newspapers, door hangers, magazines, radio, billboard, transit ads, package inserts, etc. If the ad asks the recipient to return a response card, fax over an order, place a phone call to enroll in a campaign, place an order, or take a specific action, it would be a direct marketing activity. Initially, we are creating three direct marketing niches to include churches, dentists, and remodeling contractors at the outset. At some point in time we will expand into other areas to create more market niches.

Here at Butterfly Direct, we do things to assist our clients in their projects. We assist our clients in creating their artwork, develop the mailing list for our clients target area, standardize the mail list to get the best postage rates available, print the material, process the pieces for mass mailing, and deliver to the post office. In some cases we will ship the material to the clients so they can apply postage and mail the material from their offices. There are numerous things that we will print for our clients. Some of the things we will print are different size envelopes, post cards, letters and legal size sheets, newsletters, and reports. We have the capability to offset print full color brochures, letters, and post cards as well as digital print items for mail merging and handling variable data.

Butterfly Direct Marketing and Communications is a new company, but the core people working for the company are season veterans. Our key staff people bring numerous years experience in working with customers to assist them in creating mail lists that target the type of customers they wish to serve. Our assistance in this area has helped our clients target specific types of customers in need of demographic, geographic, profession, and business types. Those efforts are one of the keys in developing effective direct marketing offers while using direct mail. Our staff has years of experience in working with people in need of graphic arts services.

Frequently, our clients are in need of graphic artists services. Sometimes it can be a simple of putting the final touches on artwork our clients send to us, or it can be very rudimentary where we are asked to help them create the actual copy. We work with individuals to help them get the right message written in their advertisement copy.

We have a print staff that is also very seasoned. Our print staff personnel have experience in the printing industry from 5 to over 20 years doing offset printing. We offset print from 1 to 4 color process on letter presses. Most of the printing we do is for post cards, letters, newsletters, brochures, envelopes, business cards, and booklets.

Our staff has had years of experience working with clients who need digital printing services This services is handy for clients in need of mail merge documents. We can handle variable data where more than one field has varying data within the document for mail merge purposes.

We have personnel who have had many years working in the direct mail industry. Our key personnel have over 15 years experience working in the mailing industry. Our personnel have excellent experience in ink-jet addressing, folding, inserting, zip sorting, and more.

You will find out from working with this company that we emphasize customer service and care. We especially want our clients to feel the sense of trustworthiness when you ask us to perform services for you. We want to establish a good working relationship with you so that you will have good reasons to engage our services over and over.